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Dual degree
21 Nov 2014
A dual degree, such as an MBA/MD or a MBA/JD can be an extremely powerful tool when looking for a career.
mission statement
05 Nov 2014
A personal mission statement helps you utilize your character strengths and achieve your personal goals. Create your own in just four steps.
Career services
17 Oct 2014
Use these tips to effectively utilize your school’s career services next on-campus recruitment session to find a job or internship.
TOPMBA Starla Trigg by date
MBA internships
30 Sep 2014
by Starla T.
Turning an MBA internship into a full-time job can be hard, but if you use these tips to secure a job, then your MBA program won’t be a waste. 
MBA network
15 Sep 2014
by Starla T.
What is an ERG? An employee resource group (ERG) is a great opportunity for professional networking for newer employees with an eye on workplace diversity.
Find Your Next Job While Networking Over a Round of Golf main image
09 Jul 2014
by Starla T.
Networking doesn't have to be reserved for conferences. Starla Trigg shares her favorite relationship building and networking tool - golf.
Advice for MBA Applicants from a Recruiter’s Point of View main image
20 Jun 2014
by Starla T.
Starla Trigg, a Fortune 250 recruiter, offers advice on social media and developing a personal brand for MBA applicants in a tough job market.