4 Reasons Why Summer School Is a Great Stepping Stone For Your Career

4 Reasons Why Summer School Is a Great Stepping Stone For Your Career main image

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In recent years, summer schools have become an increasingly popular route for working professionals looking to develop their skills and enhance their business and management acumen without having to take time away from their career.

Summer school isn’t just for school leavers or undergraduates

Forget all your preconceptions about summer school. Summer school serves multiple purposes, from bridging the gap between various phases and levels of academic study, to building up your professional training and academic qualifications.

It can also be a great way of gaining a deeper insight into the topic of your choice, as well as having a genuinely international study experience as you study in a new city or even a new country.

Although summer schools usually offer study options in almost any subject, they are particularly popular with business schools. For example, IE Business School, an internationally-renowned business school that ranks highly in the QS Top MBA rankings, runs its very own Executive Summer School which offers an intensive yet stimulating learning experience.

For one week only, students will have the opportunity to jump right in to a range of interactive seminar groups taught by specialist tutors and lecturers who all bring their own wealth of specialized knowledge and expertise to the classroom.

Want to find out how it can help boost your career potential? Read on to find out more.

You can find a program that tends to your specific career needs

Before you decide which summer school is right for you, ask yourself what you want to take away from the experience.

Do you want a change of career direction? Do you want to boost your career prospects, or simply climb the career ladder? There’s a multitude of reasons why somebody may want to attend summer school.

You may well be your own boss and want to learn how to capitalize and improve the talent of your own team in order to adapt to the challenges faced in today’s bustling business world. Or you may be an entrepreneur, and would like to enhance your skills in accounting and finance in order to develop a more rounded business perspective.

However, making sure you choose the right course is essential as you’re going to want to be fully engaged and academically stimulated.

So whether your experience is in management, finance, accounting, marketing, or entrepreneurship and you want to advance your knowledge in this area, or break away and learn something new, there will almost always be a course that can help you do just that.

You’ll have the opportunity to develop your ideas

It may have been a fair while since you were in a lecture hall or student library, but summer school can be an effective way of getting back into the swing of things quickly and easily.

IE’s Executive Summer School is driven by its learning by doing approach, which explores five key areas of management and business. Each day is dedicated to one topic and during the week you’ll take on a variety of management challenges and spark your business curiosity.

Team engagement and encouragement is critical, as you share ideas and opinions to reflect on real-life business issues and challenges. Such discussions around important topics will give you the opportunity to be bold and ask questions you might not otherwise be able to do in a regular workplace environment.

It will enhance your credentials

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the infancy of your business or management career, or have several years of professional business experience under your belt – summer school can be a well-established route to assist you in developing the knowledge, competencies and skills necessary to manage your career ambitions, whatever they may be.

Access a wider international network

Attending summer school is more than just about developing key skills and deepening your knowledge of management and business. The opportunity to network in between classes is just as important as the lessons themselves.

Summer school gives you an invaluable opportunity to learn alongside a community of other global business professionals and experts. If done right, you’ll also develop your already extensive network of international contacts too.

IE’s Executive Summer School is located in the heart of Spain’s sunny capital, Madrid, a hub for international business and a magnet for network opportunities. From a welcome dinner to evening trip to the Reina SofÍa Museum, you’ll be enhancing your professional development in no time.

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