MBA Salaries in Asia Pacific

MBA Salaries in Asia Pacific

Salaries in Asia Pacific have grown by 3% this year according to our Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2018, recovering from a dip over the last couple of years. They now stand at an average of US$71,300, and increase to US$85,900 when bonuses are included, which puts them in the middle of the global salary range. Certain nations are contributing significantly to that average, most notably Singapore and Japan, which both make it into the top 10 highest salaried nations this year.

Once again, the region has seen significant demand for MBAs, with an 18% overall increase in MBA hiring. Estimates for next year show a strong but slightly more restrained prediction, however, it would not be particularly shocking for demand to continue increasing at a higher rate than suggested.

While demand in finance grew by around 6%, demand in consulting grew by a significant 16% in 2017. Interestingly, ‘other’ employers outpaced all named industries with 25% increase in demand for MBAs - which suggests that the market for business school graduates in the region is diversifying. Growth varied across nations, with Singapore and Japan, once again, demonstrating particular strength here. On the other hand, South Korea had a disappointing decrease in MBA demand[.

Strengthening economies

This is all underpinned by strong economic growth in the region - the large, young population, the burgeoning middle class and a digital boom have all helped in the rapid economic expansion of the region. By 2025, Asia is predicted to have 30 megacities, underpinned by an expeditious urbanization rate. Indeed, overall economic growth for the Asian-Pacific region is forecast at 5% this year and next.

This substantial and continued growth is continuing to support one of the world’s most important MBA employment markets.

Amelia Hopkins
Written by Amelia Hopkins

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