Top 10 Online MBA Programs for Female Students 2020

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The online MBA at Sawyer Business School has the highest percentage of female students of those featured in the QS Online MBA Rankings 2020, with 59 percent of its cohort identifying as female.  

Released today, the QS Online MBA Rankings assess the online MBA offerings of 47 business schools worldwide, demonstrating just how easy it is to earn your MBA remotely.

You can find out more about the methodology used to produce the rankings here.


QS Online MBA Rankings 2020: Most Female Students




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10) Kogod School of Business


At 19th place in the overall ranking this year and 10th for percentage of female students is [email protected] at American University’s Kogod School of Business.

Students can choose to complete the program in 24, 18, 15 or 12 months. There are 12 core courses, three elective courses, and two in-person immersions. Students need 48 credits to graduate.

The average work experience of this year’s student cohort is 6.2 years. Only one percent of the class are international students, the same as last year.

Tuition is US$84,432.

9) Kennesaw State – Michael J. Coles College of Business


In ninth place for percentage of female students is Kennesaw State. The online MBA program achieved a high score for the class profile indicator.

With a small cohort of 33 students who have an average of 8.9 years’ work experience, the program has an accelerated structure that allows them to gain their degree at the same speed as the on-campus cohort.

Tuition is US$24,370.

=6) University of South Florida St. Petersburg


In joint sixth place for the cohorts with the most female students – and a new entry in the online MBA rankings in 45th place – is the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.

The 120 students of the online MBA program, of which seven percent are international students, have an average of 6.6 years of professional experience.

Tuition is US$16,617.24.

=6) La Trobe Business School


The second of three online MBA programs with 50 percent of women in their 2020 cohort is La Trobe University Business School. The average program length is 24 months, but students can choose to complete it in as little as one year.

La Trobe’s online MBA focuses on innovative enterprise learning via Zoom, with unique courses such as the UN-backed ‘Principles for Responsible Management Education’ (PRME) aimed at training the future leaders of the business world.

Students have an average of 10.1 years’ work experience.

Tuition is AUS$39,936.48.

=6) Fox School of Business and Management


The final school coming in joint sixth place is Fox School of Business and Management.

Students on Fox’s medium-size program have an average of 11.7 years of work experience, one of the highest in this year’s ranking. The program received a high score for class profile.

The majority of faculty at Fox’s online MBA also teach on-campus MBA courses, guaranteeing students receive the exact same education experience – regardless of being online or in-person – ensuring the online MBA is consistent with the school’s values and learning objectives. Classes are taught on the learning management system Canvas and students can interact with each other and faculty members through Zoom.

Tuition is US$59,760.

5) SBS Swiss Business School

Halfway through the list, showing a significant improvement from last year’s ranking, is Switzerland’s SBS Swiss Business School, with the first school in the top 10 passing gender parity with52 percent of its cohort identifying as female.

SBS’ online MBA is ranked in 27th place in this year’s overall ranking, with students having an average of nine years of work experience. The 2020 student cohort is one of the most international on the list at 79 percent.

The program is case study oriented and features live webinars on its platforms.  

Tuition at SBS is one of the cheapest on the list at US$17,819.25.

4) Chapman Graduate School of Business – Florida International University


Florida International University received high scores across all indicators. The program’s student cohort has an average of eight years’ work experience, one of the highest on the list, and 53 percent of attendees identifying as women.

The 24-month online MBA program offers eight specializations including International Business, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Marketing Channel Strategy, Strategic Negotiations, Business Date Analytics, Real Estate and Leadership.

Tuition is US$42,000.

3) Frank G. Zarb School of Business


With a two-rank improvement from last year, 2020’s third online MBA with the highest number of female students is Hofstra University’s Frank G. Zarb School of Business.

The 20-month program is a 45-credit MBA which features a curriculum divided into three focus areas: core competencies, advanced core, and major concentration. Students also have the option to take the non-cohort option and graduate within five years.

Students have an average of 12 years’ work experience.

Tuition is US$64,350.

2) EU Business School


In the silver medal position in this year’s ranking for the number of female students with a cohort is EU Business School  - with 56 percent female students.

The online MBA program boasts 100 percent international students and has received a perfect score in class experience. The student cohort’s average years of work experience is high at 9.5.

Upon graduation, EU Business School students receive a state-accredited MBA from the University of Roehampton in London, as well as their EU degree.

The program – which can be completed in 12 or 15 months – is a mix of interactive webinars, business simulations and on-campus networking opportunities, giving students the opportunity to personalize their e-learning experience.

Tuition is EUR17,400, equivalent to US$19,515.84.

1) Suffolk University – Sawyer Business School


Topping the table for the most female students on an online MBA program this year is Suffolk’s online MBA, priding itself with 59 percent female students in its 2020 cohort.

The school scored high in class experience, offering its students 12 concentrations and over 100 electives to choose from to tailor their MBA experience to their interests.

Throughout the course, students have the opportunity to work remotely on over seven different client projects, developing strong business acumen and the skills necessary to be successful in the business world.

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