Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend an MBA Fair

Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend an MBA Fair  main image

Whether you’ve just begun your MBA program research or are nearly ready to apply, attending an MBA fair, such as the QS World MBA Tour can help you make a more informed decision. But did you know that MBA fairs offer other benefits as well? MBA admissions advice and MBA financing are just two of the reasons you should attend an MBA fair.

Attending a QS MBA fair will allow you to…

1.    Compare different types of MBA programs

Do you need to figure out whether you’re a better fit for an MBA or EMBA? Are you unable to decide between part time or full time? Attending the World MBA tour allows you to explore the many different types of MBA programs that are available, so you can find your best fit.

2.    Attend panels to get MBA admissions advice

Attending panels gives you a chance to get expert MBA admissions advice from MBA alumni and admissions officers. If you're looking for more information on post-MBA job opportunities, pre-fair career panels offer advice on MBA careers. For EMBA candidates, QS Executive Connect events help you find the right EMBA programs.

3.    Get GMAT tips

Interactive GMAT seminars led by representatives from GMAC – the creators of the GMAT – as well as pre-fair GMAT presentations are a valuable source of information on the test. You can also get GMAT tips by speaking to test prep instructors directly.

4.    Get expert help with your MBA application direct from schools

At the World MBA Tour, you can meet with admissions directors and officers who will review your MBA application and give you tips before you send it off to the business schools to which you are applying.

5.     Meet MBA alumni

In addition to admissions officers, several schools also bring their MBA alumni with them to fairs. They can tell you more about campus life and give you a first-hand look into what it’s like to be an MBA student.

6.    Learn about MBA scholarships

Meeting with admissions officers gives you a chance to find out about what scholarship options are open to you. In addition, attendees of the World MBA Tour are given an exclusive opportunity to apply for MBA scholarships from QS.

7.    Discover MBA financing options

Since scholarships may not cover all of your MBA program costs, you may want to look into loans and other forms of financing. Speak directly with admissions officers and attend panels to learn more about MBA financing options. In some regions there are additional options. Event attendees in India, for example, may be offered discounts on the interest rates on their MBA loans.

8.    Experience MBA networking

MBA programs are all about networking and the World MBA Tour is a great place to start. Each MBA fair is set up so that there are coffee areas and quiet breaks where you can interact with MBA alumni, admissions officers and your fellow MBA candidates. For those interested in attending Ivy League MBA programs, the World MBA Tour gives you an opportunity to network with Ivy League alumni and ask them questions about their business school experiences. Past events have featured alumni from Harvard, Columbia, and Tuck, as well as other world-leading schools such as Stanford.

9.    Research your preferred MBA destinations

Are you interested in studying in a particular country or region? MBA fairs are a great chance to learn about places where you want to study.  As implied by its name, the World MBA Tour includes schools from around the globe. So, even if your preferred school is not present, odds are you will be able to talk to an admissions officer from a school that’s located in your preferred MBA destination. In addition, there are region-specific panels where MBA alumni can give you inside information on what it's like to study in particular parts of the world.

10.    Learn about student visas

If you want to get your MBA abroad, you need a student visa. Some MBA fairs feature test prep companies or education counselors who can advise you on the requirements for studying in the MBA destination of your choice.

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