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    Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations Overview

    The Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations Master provides candidates with the hard and soft skills they need to successfully lead and work in this environment.

    The program is organized into two main learning blocks:

    1. students are equipped to carry out policy analysis and evaluation through advanced analytical techniques, to design strategies and to manage projects
    2. they are supported in developing their unique professional profile through a careful selection of electives and a wide range of international opportunities.  A choice of majors has been designed to meet the specific interests of students and the needs expressed by the job market.

    The program places a strong emphasis on interaction with the professional world. Students are offered a variety of opportunities to explore the main challenges and drivers for choosing a specific career trajectory in the sectors covered, as well as for developing the skills that are needed to successfully work in that sector.

    Graduates in Economics and Management of Government and International Organizations generally have excellent access to the job market. Some will choose to do research, and can continue their studies by pursuing a PhD program. Those seeking employment will find that options vary depending on their focus in this program and prior undergraduate studies, but fall into two broad areas:

    1. Public management expert, able to deal with the rapidly changing processes of the public sector and the challenges faced by non-profits and NGOs at global level.
    2. Expert in public policy, who analyzes, develops and implements public policies at the local, national and – increasingly – international levels.

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