Women in Business: 10 Shocking Statistics

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Women in business are an “under-tapped force that can rekindle economic expansion”, reflects Geri Stengel in a recent piece for Forbes. She points out that the number of female-owned businesses in the US has increased by 30% since 2007.

Across the Atlantic Ocean in the UK, the Prince’s Responsible Business Network estimates that “unleashing the full potential of women in the workplace could be worth £23 billion (US$32.5 billion)” to the country.

March 8th is International Women’s Day. As governments around the world continue to embrace the under-tapped potential of their female entrepreneurs, we take a look at how much ground is still left to make up 2016. Scroll down to view the infographic!

Women in Business: 10 Shocking Facts

Infographic by Georgia Phillipou for TopMBA.com

Written by Joseph Birdsey

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