7 Reasons Why Studying an MBA in Calgary Will Be Good for Your Career

7 Reasons Why Studying an MBA in Calgary Will Be Good for Your Career main image

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MBAs in particular, are sought after for various reasons in today’s globalized world. Whether you’re looking to switch paths and diversify your role, or climb the career ladder you’re already on, aspiring business professionals from all over the world are looking to Canada, and in particular the city of Calgary, to pursue an MBA education.

According to GMAC’s latest Application Trends Survey, the number of applications to Canadian business schools were up by 7.7 percent, with most applications coming from international candidates.

We take a closer look at why the friendly and dynamic metropolis is the ideal choice for MBA students looking to get ahead in their careers.

You’ll have access to one of Canada’s most dynamic business communities

Home to one of the highest concentrations of entrepreneurs and head offices per capita in the country, Calgary is also ranked as one of the top five best cities to find a job out of 100 global cities and is North America’s third most business-friendly city.

Such rankings offer a valuable insight into Calgary’s growing importance in the business world. Studying here means MBAs will have access to a sizeable job market.

You’ll be armed with an MBA from an internationally recognized business school

As a leading study destination with a global reputation for quality and relevance, one business school in particular, Haskayne School of Business, has long-proved popular with students from all over the world, having been ranked among the top Better World MBAs by Corporate Knights.

Haskayne’s MBA program is designed to ensure students can see relevance in the real world, while developing their business skillset through immersive learning experiences, international study opportunities and specialization options.

You can turn your study visa into a working visa

As a result of globalization, growing numbers of prospective students are looking to study abroad in search of finding the best place to live, study – and perhaps even work – after graduating. The Haskayne MBA can propel you onto a completely different career path, allowing you to change industry, role or even country, and find your pick of jobs armed with an MBA.

Should you find yourself wanting to stay in Calgary with your MBA qualification proudly in hand after graduating, you’ll be pleased to know that graduates can turn their study visa into a working visa for up to the length of their study program.

Generous salary prospects

Data from the TopMBA Jobs & Salary Report 2018 highlights how MBA employers are most generous in Canada, with hiring figures exceeding expectations, and salaries almost hitting the six-figure mark – coming in at $99,800 (without bonuses). 

Although an MBA doesn’t automatically equal a pay rise, the statistics do suggest it can help increase your earning potential.

International exposure can broaden your global perspective

Considered to be the most culturally diverse and dynamic city in Canada, Calgary’s high standard of living, inclusive atmosphere and tolerance towards cultures, races and faiths, have made it the fourth most livable city in the world, according to the Economic Intelligence Unit’s Global Livability Index 2018.

So, whether you spend the duration of your MBA in Calgary, or take part in an international exchange program, you’ll learn about other business and operational practices while studying alongside a diverse range of individuals. As a result, you’ll be exposed to new cultures and viewpoints, which can help prepare you for a career within a global setting.

You can specialize in your unique area of interest

While the MBA is a multifaceted degree that exposes you to all areas of business, including management, finance, accounting, marketing and economics, you should consider what specializations are available – and whether they align with your career ambitions.

Specializations are essential elements in the MBA which can help propel your career. At Haskayne School of Business, MBA students can opt from a variety of specializations, including entrepreneurship and innovation, global energy management and sustainable development, marketing, project management and real estate.

It’s not all hard work and no play in Calgary

Image courtesy of Marnie Burkhart – Jazhart Studios

All over the world, universities and business schools are coming up with innovative ways to ensure students are prepared for the world of employment, and Haskayne School of Business is no different.

Adventure education programming has increased in popularity in the last decade as it’s become widely recognized that skills and knowledge can be learned just as well, if not sometimes better, outside the classroom.

As the school is only an hour away from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, MBA students have the unique opportunity to take part in a week-long wilderness retreat in the Kananaskis region.

Taking MBA students out of their comfort zone, the course combines outdoor activities, personal growth challenges, team building, self-reflection, leadership, and cross-cultural learning in a place of immense natural beauty that is usually more associated with bucket list travelers than aspiring business people.

Professor Dr. David Lertzman at Haskayne School of Business has been running the course since 2004, and told us the retreat helps instill the right attributes in his students: “Great leaders are people of exceptional integrity, vision, and creativity who inspire others to achieve their best for the greater good.”

Written by Stephanie Lukins

As the Head of Sponsored Content for TopMBA.com and TopUniversities.com, Stephanie creates and publishes a wide range of articles for universities and business schools across the world. She attended the University of Portsmouth where she earned a BA in English Language and an MA in Communication and Applied Linguistics.

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