Where Are Asia-Pacific's Top EMBA Programs?

Where Are Asia-Pacific's Top EMBA Programs?

Asia-Pacific is a rapidly growing market in the business school world, particularly for executive MBAs. The proximity of these institutions to major emerging Asian markets, along with financial world-capitals like Singapore, provides a fantastic setting for an EMBA course. Here are the best according to the QS Global 100 Rankings by Region.

Asia-Pacific’s top-10 EMBA program options

1. NUS Singapore Business School, National University of Singapore: NUS Asia-Pacific Executive MBA (Singapore)

National University of Singapore Business School’s EMBA runs for 15 months, among the shortest of this type of qualification. The program focusses on business in Asia-Pacific and takes students to six countries in the region as part of the course. The price of the EMBA is US$65,550, applicants have an average of 16 years’ experience before attending and can expect a 26% increase in their salaries. 

2. Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne: Executive MBA (Melbourne, Australia)

Melbourne Business School offers an 18-month program, including a week-long overseas module in Asia. The global curriculum focuses on current affairs, is taught by leaders in the industry and promotes interactivity and international projects. The course costs US$70,572 and students have an average of 13 years’ experience before applying. Graduates average a 17% salary bump after graduation. 

3. CUHK Business School, the Chinese University of Hong Kong: Executive MBA (Hong Kong)

“Tradition & Modernity. Chinese & Western” is the motto of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School, a sentiment which accurately summarizes the institution’s EMBA, focusing as it does on linking the western and eastern business hemispheres. The qualification lasts two years and costs US$70,895. The average professional experience of students is 17 years and a 21% salary bump post-graduation is common.

4.Ivey Business School Asia, Western University: Executive MBA (Hong Kong)

Graduates of Ivey Business School’s EMBA describe it as ‘transformational’. The course claims to develop leaders who can deal easily with cross-enterprise challenges. During the 15-month program students learn in a practical, hands-on way, alongside other talented business people. It costs US$75,087 and applicants have an average of 14 years’ work experience. Graduates see around a 26% salary bump post-graduation

5. Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University: Nanyang Executive MBA (Singapore)

The Nanyang executive MBA is the quickest to complete on this list at just 14 months. Despite this, the course is thorough and covers a significant amount. Participants can choose from ‘General Management’, ‘Aviation and Air Transport’ or ‘Hospitality Management’ tracks, and the program spans at least two continents – providing a truly international experience. It costs US$52,000, students usually have around 14 years of experience, and can expect a 43% rise in salary post-graduation.

6. Australian Graduate School of Management, University of New South Wales: AGSM MBA (Executive) (Sydney, Australia)

The AGSM executive MBA at UNSW Business School allows students to learn from like-minded peers, graduating with a new professional network and the skills needed to succeed. The course can be completed in anywhere from two and a half to seven years, with most students finishing in three and a half. The course is tailored to students’ own personal interests and careers, it costs US$75,300, and provides an average 17% salary bump. Applicants usually have 9 years of professional experience.

7. City University of Hong Kong College of Business: Executive MBA (Hong Kong)

City U College of Business offers a 22-month EMBA, focusing on the Chinese market, but with a global outlook. The course offers a myriad of elective options so that students can focus on the most useful topics for them. The cost is US$77,340, students usually have around 16 years’ experience and can expect a 17% salary bump after graduation.

8. RMIT University College of Business: Master of Business Administration (Executive) (Melbourne, Australia)

With study options in Vietnam, online study and international global intensives, RMIT’s EMBA is truly one of a kind. The course builds on students’ professional experience and helps with problem-solving to aid career progression. Flexible study options are available. The course is one and a half years full-time or the part-time equivalent. It costs US$40,925, applicants have an average of 9 years’ experience and can expect a 33% salary increase after graduation.

9. Antai College of Economics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai Executive MBA (Shanghai, China)

Antai College of Economics’ EMBA focusses primarily on leadership development. The two-year course focuses on on-the-job learning and is taught in Chinese with components in English. The course costs US$75,320, attendees usually have 5 years of experience, and most benefit from a huge 75% salary increase upon completion of the qualification

10. Fudan University School of Management: Fudan Executive MBA (Shanghai, China)

Fudan University was one of the first universities to offer an EMBA in China, a mark of prestige reflected in the standard of the course. The course is tutored by some of the top Chinese scholars. Students here have a relatively low level of experience, averaging at 5 years, but can nevertheless expect a huge 54% salary increase after completion.

*Location listed is main campus

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