The Top 10 European MBAs for ROI

The Top 10 European MBAs for ROI!

Europe is a popular destination for potential MBAs who are attracted by the some of the highest quality business schools in the world and the competitive tuition fees on offer. Graduates of these European schools often go on to immense career success.

Our latest report, the QS TopMBA Return On Investment Report 2018, explores which schools offer the best return on investment (ROI) for students in the region.  The average 10-year ROI for graduates of European business school MBAs is US$430,447, second only to North America in terms of the world’s major regions.

The top 10 European schools for ROI are:

1. Imperial College London - US$870,200

Imperial College London is one of the world’s top business schools, and the top institution in Europe for ROI, with graduates of the institution’s MBA seeing an average of US$870,200 after 10 years. The pre-MBA salary for students averages around US$48,500, with those completing the course bringing in around US$83,500.

2. Vlerick Business School - US$101,000

Vlerick is one of Belgium's, and Europe's, top business schools. Graduates of the institution’s MBA course can expect a 10-year ROI which totals US$836,775. Additionally, the post-graduate salary averages at about US$101,000, a bump of US$33,000 compared to the average pre-course salary.

3. INSEAD - US$768,500

INSEAD is one of the most famous business schools in the world. Graduates of the institution’s MBA are looking at a US$768,500 ROI after 10 years. This equates to over nine times the cost of the course itself. Graduates can also expect a post-course salary of around US$103,700, which is US$46,700 more than they were making before the course.

4. The University of Mannheim - US$757,000

The University of Mannheim is world-famous for quality. Graduates of the institution’s MBA can make a 10-year ROI which totals US$757,000. Additionally, the difference between the pre-course salary and the post-course salary stands at around US$57,900 - with students bringing in up to US$93,600 in their first roles after graduation.

5. Durham University - US$731,500

Durham University is one of the best in the UK, and the business school program is no different. Graduates make on average, US$39,500 more than they were before starting the course, with salaries averaging US$85,000 three months post-graduation. The 10-year average ROI stands at US$731,500.

6. Saïd Business School - US$712,725

The business school of the UK’s oldest university comes in at sixth on the list. The 10-year ROI is around US$712,725, and graduates make around US$28,300 more than they were bringing in before the course - at USS$88,900 post-graduation.

7. IMD - US$697,90

Switzerland’s IMD is seventh on the list, with a 10-year ROI of around US$697,900. Graduates of the institution’s MBA can also look forward to a US$44,700 bump in salary, with average remuneration levels three months after completing studies of US$120,100.

8. IE Business School - US$692,725

The only Spanish institution in the top 10 for Europe, IE Business School graduates could see a 10-year ROI of US$692,725, which represents around nine times more than the initial cost of the course. Furthermore, the post-graduation salary lift is US$34,200, with graduates making an average of US$81,400.

9. SDA Bocconi - US$689,325

Graduates of SDA Bocconi in Italy can look forward to a 10-year ROI of approximately US$689,325. With a post-MBA starting salary that averages US$81,900, US$38,900 higher than the pre-course salary, it’s not hard to understand what makes this institution so popular.

10. University of Strathclyde - US$671,000

The last institution on the list is the University of Strathclyde in bonnie Scotland. Graduates of the institution can look forward to a 10-year ROI of US$671,000. Additionally, the salary lift of graduates on this course is around US$47,100 - with starting salaries post-graduation averaging US$77,500.

Amelia Hopkins
Written by Amelia Hopkins

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