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mba after mba decision programs

MBA programs accept an array of undergraduate students. Read our QS guide on how to pursue an MBA with a non-business graduate degree.

Students preparing for the GMAT

Struggling to prepare for the mathematical portion of your GMAT exam? These tips can help you to find the right answer.

Personality assessment preparation tips

Are you prepared for pre-employment personality tests, which are becoming a part of the job application process? A pre-employment testing expert outlines some of the most common personality tests and shares some effective tips for passing.

86% of companies globally plan to hire recent MBA graduates this year, according to GMAC's new poll

GMAC’s employer survey shows little change in the demand for talented international MBA graduates, despite political upheaval in key recruitment markets.

GMAC hopes its new change will allow candidates to walk into GMAT test centers with increased levels of confidence

Following changes allowing takers to cancel a GMAT score, candidates can now choose the order in which they tackle the admission paper’s four sections.

Designed for those at the beginning of their careers, MiM degrees are taken by students with an average age of 22

Appetite for the pre-experience business master’s qualification is growing, but what does this mean for the MBA degree?  

Should US business schools wave goodbye to their prospects of attracting the world’s most talented international students?

More than half of US schools report a drop in applications from international students for first time in a decade, in GMAC survey.

Gender equality and female students enrolled in MBA class of 2018 cohorts

A look at female student proportions in the MBA class of 2018 and new findings from GMAC in relation to gender equality in business education.