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effective remote work

Working from home can be a blessing and a curse, but are we effectively working from home during these unprecedented times? 

6 Books You Need to Be A Healthier Worker in the 2020s  main image

Developing and maintaining healthy habits isn't easy, but there's no better time than the beginning of a new decade to do it. Here's a few books that'll help you find what works for you.

Discover why work-life balance should play a key role in deciding where to go to business school

How much of a role should location play in picking your business school? And what challenges will you face moving abroad?

TOPMBA work-life balance by date
Could mindfulness practice lead to a more satisfying MBA career journey?

Could mindfulness practice at various steps in your MBA journey lead to a more satisfying MBA career in the modern global job market?

NYU Stern teaches mindfulness as part of a leadership development program for MBAs

Interview with NYU Stern’s program director for its Leadership Development Program, which teaches mindfulness to MBAs.

online MBA

We speak to financial restructuring freelancer Simon Brott, a student on IE Business School’s Online Blended Executive MBA, about his experiences.

online MBA

We interview Toby Cross, a graduate of Warwick’s Distance Learning MBA and a director at Barclays Wealth Management.