A Year at TopMBA.com: The Most Important Articles of 2017

The top MBA articles of 2017

2017 has been a busy year for TopMBA.com: We’ve published our most comprehensive MBA rankings to date, in the form of the QS Global MBA Rankings 2018, shining a light on the world’s top MBA programs. We have also ranked business master’s degrees for the first time in our inaugural QS Business Masters Rankings 2018. Additionally, we’ve seen the release of a various other rankings and reports, including our ever-popular QS TopMBA Jobs and Salary Trends Report 2018, analyzing developments in the MBA career world, and the QS TopMBA Return on Investment Report: Full-Time MBA 2018, exploring the ROI students can expect to receive from their program of choice. 

Here’s a summary of some of our most popular content from the last year: 

1. Why Get an MBA Degree?

Considering studying for an MBA? Not 100% sure it’s the right path for you? Here’s a summary of some of the most significant reasons students pursue the qualification. It might just convince you that 2018 is the year for you to get that MBA.

2. Top 10 MBA Programs in the World

Where are the world’s top 10 MBA programs? In the first ranking of its kind published at QS, we summarize the world’s highest ranked business schools for studying an MBA. The rankings are based on 13 criteria, including employability, entrepreneurship, alumni outcomes, return on investment, thought leadership and diversity.

3. Top 10 Countries For MBA Salaries 2017

Money money money. It’s something we’re all interested in. Most MBA students will want to know how significantly their degree will boost their salary, and to help them, we’ve rounded up the top 10 countries for post-MBA salaries.

4. How Much Debt Do MBAs Graduate With?

A major worry for graduates, despite the promise of a salary bump, is the amount of debt they’ll graduate with. So how much do students tend to owe when they’ve finished their degree? We took a look at the average costs, along with some scholarships which could help take the strain.

5. Measure your MBA ROI

Speaking of mounting costs, if you’re considering the long-term potential of an MBA then you need to find out your potential return on investment. Follow our guide to discover how much you could be making, or download our latest ROI report to find out which school offers the best value for money.

6. 5 MBA Interview Tips to Impress the Best Admissions Teams

Interviews are nerve wracking for even the most seasoned candidates. Luckily our resident experts are here to help. Read our top five tips for impressing the admissions team and securing your place at your dream business school.

7. Drop in Overseas MBA Applications at US Schools Attributed To Trump

Uncertainty isn’t good for any industry, and education is no different. The current US president’s discourse on foreign nationals, along with his travel ban on several nations, has resulted in a significant decline in the number of international students choosing the USA for their MBA. Instead, they’re setting their sights on Canada, Europe and English-speaking Asia-Pacific countries.

8. Germany: An Alternative MBA Destination

It’s not just the US MBA market which has taken a hit due to political turbulence. The UK’s Brexit vote and subsequent political upheaval has caused a marked decline in applications from EU students as well. Germany is one of the countries benefiting from this. Business schools in the country are among the best in Europe, and the standard of education on offer, along with the quality of life, (and the quality of beer) are very appealing to potential students. We explore why Deutschland may be the next big thing in the MBA world.

9. MBAs Get Ready for the Robot Revolution

Artificial intelligence and robotics could cause mass upheaval in the employment industry, with vast swathes of jobs which could easily be taken over by machines. MBAs could help "future-proof" students' careers, by teaching them tthe type of skills whichcan't be so easily automated.

10. What do the World’s Top Business Schools Seek in MBA Candidates?

Understanding exactly what a business school is looking for can be a major worry for potential students. Is it leadership skills? A fantastic academic record? Creativity and thought leadership? To help, we asked admissions teams at some of the highest ranked schools what they look for in applicants. How well do you match up?


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Written by Amelia Hopkins

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