MBA Recruiter Interview: Intuit

MBA recruiter interview with Intuit

If you’re considering a post-MBA career in the technology industry, then you might find it reassuring to know that Dawn Carter, director of early careers at the financial software firm, Intuit, thinks it’s a common misconception that those with a background in the industry hold a huge advantage:

“You don’t need a technical background to succeed as an MBA hire but having a technical mindset/acumen is a must,” Carter explains. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, Intuit counts the accounting program aimed at small businesses, QuickBooks, among its best-known products. In this interview, Carter says that around 75% of those selected for an MBA internship with the firm tend to land a full-time job offer come its conclusion, but warns those interested in opportunities at the firm not to, “mold yourself to what you think the company is looking for.” Read on to learn more.

Dawn Carter; IntuitWhy does Intuit hire MBAs?

The majority of MBA graduates we hire join Intuit with about four to seven years of work experience, where they developed initial skills and expertise in other industries. We feel that having this additional experience allows for the MBA graduates to bring varying thoughts and perspectives to their teams.

Why do MBAs want to work for Intuit?

Our MBA hires get great exposure to high-level executives, leadership and opportunities for growth. MBA graduates want to work for Intuit because they are immediately challenged – our MBA hires will lead a team to solve real-life customer problems.

What are the most common job roles for MBA graduates at Intuit?

MBA graduates are hired mostly for our marketing manager and product manager roles; however, there are a lot of opportunities for MBAs at Intuit.

What do you look for when evaluating a candidate’s résumé and experience?

We’re focused on hiring top students with diverse experiences. We look at a candidate’s full background – including work experience, school programs, those who took lateral moves in their careers, and more.

How many MBAs intern at Intuit? Of these interns, how many leave with full-time job offers?

We have around 15-20 interns throughout the year, depending on the need for the year. 75% of these end their internship with full-time job offers.

What opportunities for innovation does a job at Intuit offer MBAs?

Innovation is at the core of Intuit. We have grown and thrived for over 30 years by constantly transforming and re-inventing ourselves. All of our employees are given the opportunity to innovate. We work every day to improve our customers’ financial lives across all business segments – small businesses, accountants and consumers. We also teach techniques that empower innovation across the company through programs such as ‘Unstructured Time’, where we give employees the time and freedom to explore ideas they are passionate about. Unstructured Time has led to new offerings, such as SnapTax, GoPayment and ViewMyPaycheck.

What does diversity look like at Intuit?

We celebrate diversity and value inclusion. Innovation thrives in a workforce that includes employees with a wide range of life experiences and a supportive culture that lets great ideas rise to the top. A diverse workforce brings a broader range of ideas to the table. When employees share their unique perspectives, creativity thrives. Good ideas become great ideas. We don’t just say this, we align our hiring strategies to these values. Intuit is ranked on various employee lists, including [in the US]: The Anita Borg Institute’s 2016 Top Companies for Women Technologists Leadership Index, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2017 Corporate Equality Index and Military Friendly’s list of military-friendly employers.

Which business schools does Intuit recruit from?

Intuit focuses recruitment efforts at three core MBA schools: Kellogg, Haas and the University of Wisconsin. We also look at the MBA treks put together by schools outside this list as well.

What steps should MBAs take in order to make a good impression?

Be yourself and don’t lose yourself in the process. Know the business, but don’t try to mold yourself to what you think the company is looking for.

What are some common mistakes MBAs should avoid when contacting recruiters?

Give the recruiters time to get back to you. Recruiters can sometimes receive hundreds of enquiries a day, so give them time to respond to your emails and don’t follow up immediately.

What are the biggest misconceptions that MBAs have about Intuit and the tech industry?

One of the biggest misconceptions MBAs may have and which applies to Intuit and all technology companies is that you don’t need a technical background to succeed as an MBA hire but having a technical mindset/acumen is a must. Some of our strongest MBA hires don’t have technical or STEM backgrounds. 

Written by Nicole Willson

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