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TOPMBA MOOCs by date
What Will the Future Bring for MOOCs? main image

Have you ever wondered what a MOOC actually is? And what are the benefits? We spoke to experts to find out more.

How can students and business schools alike get the most out of MOOCs?

Nunzio Quacquarelli, CEO at QS, discusses the role that MOOCs still have to play in business education.

Top-10 MOOCs for prospective MBAs

We’ve canvassed the opinion of business school academics and digital visionaries to compile a list of 10 of the best MOOCs for MBA applicants.

TOPMBA MOOCs by date
How MOOCs Could Benefit Both Schools and Prospective MBA Students

Free online courses, or MOOCs, can already be used by prospective MBA students looking to trial programs and could soon be used to assess applicants.

In the time that it takes to fly from London to New York, you can cover the approximate weekly study time recommended for the new online MBA at the University of London

If you want to get an MBA but can't commit to a set location each week, or specific study hours, then the flexible learning style of an online MBA could be for you. Explore more about flexible online MBA learning here.

Free courses, or MOOCs, needn’t bring about the eventual demise of traditional business education offerings

Current use suggests MOOCs are more about widening access and allowing students to 'try before they buy' than disrupting the MBA degree market.

debate on distance learning and traditional learning formats

While there is a strong case for distance learning, do benefits of traditional learning, such as networking, outweigh any potential financial savings?

HBS alumnus on executive education, MOOCs and SPOCs

Working with leading schools, one HBS alum hopes to bring ‘Ivy League-standard’ professional business education to the masses with a new online school.